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Server Down


The server was down on June 24 from about 9am till about 10pm for maintenance. Sorry if it caused any inconvenience.

Proposal to Increase Undergraduate In-State Tuition


The University of Memphis Board of Trustees will consider a proposal to increase undergraduate in-state tuition at its June 5 meeting.

Tennessee law (Tennessee Code Annotated ยง 49-7-1603) requires boards of public universities to give public notice of proposed increases to tuition and mandatory fees charged to in-state undergraduate students at least 15 days prior to holding a public meeting to adopt the increases. Individuals are permitted to provide comments during the 15-day period.

The details of the plan and an opportunity to provide feedback please click here.

UofM at Automate 2024


See the video from the UofM / Eng Tech booth at Automate 2024 HERE.

Tau Alpha Pi


We are proud to announce this year's Tau Alpha Pi Engineering Technology Honor Society's Inductees:

Christopher Madlinger (GR), Annmarie Chowbay, Zoe Armstrong, Maria Sosa, Hamzah Ghrayeb, Alaina Brown, Brandon Rodriguez, Cooper Werth, Dallas Pope, Nicholas Goffer, Ahmad Ghrayeb, Kyle Duvall, Parvara Mufti, Corterreus Bedford, Dr. Ahmed (Faculty)

These students represent the upper 10% of all Engineering Technology Students.

Please join us in congratulating our latest Honorees.

Save the Date


The Fall Herff College of Engineering Fall Career Fair will be Oct 11, 2024 from 10am to 1pm in the Uninversity Center Ballroom.

Zoom to Teams Transition


In March 2020, ITS promptly implemented and introduced Zoom to address the urgent need for a virtual meeting platform for academics and administration. Over time, Microsoft has made substantial investments in advancing their online collaboration platform, Microsoft Teams. Following a thorough examination of budgets and feature comparisons between the two platforms, we will capitalize on our longstanding partnership with Microsoft and adopt the collaboration tool Microsoft Teams. Effective August 12, 2024, we will discontinue the use of Zoom. For more information about the Zoom to Teams transition, please see our page

UofM Majors that pay the most


From: Commercial Appeal (Oct 9, 2022)

In the article "Want a big paycheck? These University of Memphis majors pay the most - and least" by Becca Wright it was stated that the five highest-earning bachelor's degrees offered at the UofM were:

  • Mechanical engineering: $71,690
  • Electrical, electronics and communications engineering: $68,655
  • Computer engineering: $68,033
  • Engineering technology: $64,943
  • Civil engineering: $62,591

The lowest-earning bachelor's degree made $22,882.