Citrix (umApps) Access

as of 2-20-2021

Due to a potential security issues, ITS has moved Citrix (umApps) behind the firewall. It can still be accessed from off campus, but now you must use a Virtual Private Network (VPN) to access it.

How to Connect to the VPN:

AnyConnect is the preferred VPN client. It is compatible with most operating systems, but may not be compatible with some older networking hardware. Begin by going to the VPN install site and log in using your UUID and password (this is the same password that you use for umMail, and all other campus resources). Next, select the download for your OS and follow the onscreen directions.


Instructions: Download AnyConnect Client Software for Linux, Red Hat, Ubuntu from the VPN install site.

Once you have installed the VPN and logged in via Single Sign On (SSO) and Duo, your computer will be vitually part of the UofM network (and be allowed to access umApps). You can disconnect from the UofM VPN by clicking on the cisco vpn icon in your hidden icons try and disconnecting.