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Tennessee Alpha Chapter
University of Memphis


The purpose of the chapter of the Tau Alpha Pi National Honor Society shall be to provide deserved recognition for outstanding achievement by engineering technology students, to further encourage the high standards of scholastic endeavor, and to establish an environment for fellowship among the many excellent engineering technology students of the University of Memphis.

About Us

Tau Alpha Pi is the national honor society for engineering technology. Founded in 1953 and is open to associate, baccalaureate and graduate degree candidates.

The Tennessee Alpha Chapter at the University of Memphis was restarted in 2016 by Prof Daniel Kohn and Prof Tom Banning after a number of years of being inactive as a way to recognize the top students in the Engineering Technology Program.

We are govered by our Constitution and By-laws.

Qualifications for Membership

Students must be enrolled as a student majoring in Engineering Technology at the University of Memphis with the following:

 Credits CompletedMinimum GPA
Undergraduate Student453.6
Graduate Student153.6

Faculty members can also be invited to join by a 2/3 majority vote of the active student members



Top Image (Left to right): Daniel Kohn (Faculty Advisor), Tom Banning (Faculty Advisor), Christopher Madlinger (GR), Maria Sosa, Dallas Pope, Scott Southall (Faculty), Robert Hewitt (Faculty)

Bottom Image (Left to Right): Alaina Brown, Maria Sosa, Annmarie Chowbay

(not shown: Zoe Armstrong, Hamzah Ghrayeb, Brandon Rodriguez, Cooper Werth, Nicholas Goffer, Ahmad Ghrayeb, Kyle Duvall, Parvara Mufti, Corterreus Bedford, Dr. Ahmed (Faculty))

Induction Ceremony


Back Row (Left to right): Rajesh Balasubramanian (Faculty 2022-23), Michael Floyd (2021-22), John Forsyth (GR 2022-23), Robert Glover (2021-22), Mattew Hale (GR 2019-20), Imani Kimbrough (2021-22), Ivory Mayorga (2021-22), Megan McFaul (2021-22), Jeremy Lamont (2020-21)

Front Row (Left to Right): Tom Banning (Faculty Advisor), Marlene Meredith (Officer), Brennen Ashford (2022-23), Jason Richardson (2022-23), Chandler Wall (2021-22), Daniel Kohn (Faculty Advisor)



John Forsyth (GR), Jacob Raggio, Brennen Ashford, Jason Richardson, Man Ng, Christian Hanks, Marco Zamorano, Dylan Haas and Rajesh Balasubramanian (Faculty)



Mohammad Abdelrahim, Erin Blake, Kasen Clay, Michael Floyd, Robert Glover, Madelyn Griffin, Imani Kimbrough, Ivory Mayorga, Megan McFaul, Hunter Mcwilliams, Rameez Mirza, Joshua Sloan, Michael Smith, Tony Tang, and Chandler Wall



Mason Gallaher, Jed Porter, Jacob Hayden, Andrew Burney, Joshua Cole, Carlos Villegas, Andrew Sichting, Jeremy Lamont, Carson White and Thierno Diallo



Lawrence Smith, Allen "Brad" Bross, Micah Zywicki, Cecil DeVilbiss, Tylan Barr, Peyton Roberts, Phuc Nguyen, Hunter Underwood, Courtney Moore, Michell McCaskill and Mattew Hale (GR)



Back row: Lucas Rivers, Austin Gatlin, Ashely Woodall, Micah Zywicki, Austin Stone, Zach Artz, Dwight Newsome, Dr. Kevin Berisso

Front row: Brian McNabb, Amber Libby, Wen Xue, Austin Tuohy

(not shown: Nicholas Chaney, Juan Torres Gomez, Uriel Rodriguez, Christopher Gray and Christopher Harrison)



Mick McCarthy, Benjamin Estes, Tony Le, Forrest Russll, Ismaiel Kayali, Joe Williams, Robert Hewitt (Faculty)

(not shown: Benjamin Lawrence, Austin Galloway, Hunter Sarten, Terence Ryan, Hung Dinh, Zachary Hall, Cedric Daniels, Clayton Patton)



Sam Lootens, Lam-Hong Tran, Tristan Dixon, Ariel Fant, Bao Duong,
Robert Litten, Kyler Mitchell, Kaev'En Stamper, Jonathan White

(not shown: Brian Burrage, Connor Stroope, John Martin, Terrica Parker, Tyler Dunaway, Chris Barfield)



Shawn Westcott, Patrick Rhodes, Ajejandro Duarte, Matthew Kossan, Jackson Greer, Kimberle Solano, Tarolyn Moman,
Jordan Greene, Curtis Sines, Nathaniel Hall, Marlene Meredith, and Antwan Gordon.

(not shown: John Harrison, Jeffrey Harrison, Brennan Toldi)

Faculty: Professors Tom Banning, Daniel Kohn, and Scott Southall.