TECH 3812
Digital Electronic Communications
Spring 2024

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Course Outline:

Jan 17No Class (Due to Inclement Weather)   
Jan 19No Class (Due to Inclement Weather)   
Jan 22Welcome

Intro to Communication

Data Transmission

Teams Link to class

No Lab today

 Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes
Jan 24Tranmssion Media

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 Lecture Notes 
Jan 26AM/FM

Teams Link to class
Analog AM/FM

Modulation Techniques (start to 3:47, 6:05-6:22, 11:44-13:21, 16:28-17:05, 21:33-end)
Jan 29Transmission Lines

Lab Demo
Propagation Velocity
Cable Velocity Factor (Use RG-174 for this lab)

Transmission Line Terminations for Digital and RF signals - Intro/Tutorial Video

Reflection Video
Lecture NotesLab Demo #1 - Transmission Lines
Jan 31Phase Modulation Wave Phase
Digital Modulation
Feb 2No Class (Instructor Out)   
Feb 5Signal Encoding Lecture NotesLab Demo #2 - AM/FM demo (using 2 function generators and showing both analog and digital data transmission)
Feb 7Signal Encoding (Cont)

Synchronous Serial
 Lecture Notes

Lecture Notes
Feb 9No Class

Go to Career Fair
(Email a career fair selfie for extra credit)
Feb 12No Class (Instructor at Doctors Appointment)

Sychronous Serial (Lab)
PS2 Keyboard Lab #3 (Sync Serial) Due (via paper submission) start of next week's lab.
Feb 14RS-232 (Com) Port Parallel to/from Serial
Standard Baud Rates
Charge Pump
The RS-232 Standard
Class Notes  
Feb 16RS-232 Snooping

Application of Sync Serial (Card Reader)
RS-232 Gender changers and null modems

RS-232 Snooping

Magnetic Card Reader
Feb 19SPITerminology Reexamination

What could go wrong: SPI (Hackaday)

SPI Explained (Note code for different uProc)
Class Notes (not including SPI Registers for AVR)

Class Notes
Lab #4 (RS-232)
Feb 21Scope Tips and Tricks (Hand Back Sync Serial Lab)

 Class Notes  

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