Lab Equipment List

BK Precision 2831E Multimeter
BK Precision 4017A Function Generator
BK Precision 2522C Oscilloscope
Agilent 16801A Logic Analyzer
Agilent 33210A Function Generator
Top Max II (Universal Programmer)
Agilent DSO3000 Ocilloscopes
Rigol DS2000 Mixed Signal Oscilloscopes
Accurate 406 PCB Router (with PhCNC Software)
Fanuc Robots

Prof Kohn's Personal Equipment List

Last updated: 11/21/2020 - with a MAJOR update coming in Summer 2022
Below is a list of equipment (with links to data sheets where available) for equipment that can be borrowed by TECH students for the purpose of Senior Projects on a first come, first serve basis.

I know that there are a number of GREAT Senior Projects that these parts can be used for, but please do NOT ask me to provide you with a project idea. Come up with your own idea and I will be glad to lend you equipment to help implement YOUR idea.

Since this equipment is owned by me and NOT the Technology Department you will be expected to return it in working order. If it is not in working order upon return you will be asked to replace the broken item(s).

To borrow equipment, fill out THIS FORM

10 -Piece 0.96 Inch OLED Module 12864 128x64 Yellow Blue SSD1306 Driver I2C Self-Luminous Display Board (similar to THIS) (Better Info Here) (Possible Code Example)
GPS GT-U7 Module Receiver,Navigation Satellite Positioning NEO-6M with Antenna High Sensitivity (Similar to THIS) - Also see This Video
 • GPS Basics (Sparkfun)
10 - Longruner Geared Stepper Motor 28byj 48 Uln2003 5v Stepper Motor Uln2003 Driver Board
3 - HiLetgo ESP8266 NodeMCU CP2102 ESP-12E Internet WiFi Development Board Open Source Serial Wireless Module Website
I2C Uninterruptible Power Supply Website
Sparkfun Environmental Combo Breakout (CCS811/BME280) Website
Degraw 5kg Load Cell and HX711 Combo Pack Kit Website
 • HX711 Info Website
HTU21D-F Temperature & Humidity Sensor board Website
DIYDrones ArduIMU+ V3 Website
CMPS03 Compass Module Website
LIDAR-Lite Website
Roboclaw Motor Controller Website
Wio Node Info Website Wiki other
Make:it Robotics Remote Control (Arduino Library)
Make:it Robotics Sensor Kit (Arduino Library)
Raspberry Pi LCD 7" Touchscreen
Pocket C.H.I.P.
Arduino Nano 3.0
Motorola Droid (No Cell Service)
Renesas RL78/G13 Promotion Board
IOIO for Android Not sure if this unit is function
30 Amp Current Sensor AC&DC
Arduino Duemilanove
LoL Shield (LED Charlieplexed LED Matrix Display)
Proto / Screw Terminal Shield
Arduino Ethernet shield with micro SD connector
3 x TI MSP430 14-pin Microcontroller (Development kit - eZ430-F2013) with Code Composer IDE [PIC]
USB IO Plus DAC Device (IO / ADC / PWM / Counter / UART) Not sure if this unit is function
PSoC 3 FirstTouch Start Kit (Microcontroller with programming software).
Pacific Scientific 6410 Stepper Motor Driver x2
MC68SO8LL16 Ultra Low Power LCD Microcontroller Demo Board (Programmable in C or ASM)
MC5221Demo Board - 32 bit microcontroller
MagTEK 98831083 Magnetic Card (Credit Card) Reader
MCR-12 Magnetic Card (Credit Card) Reader
PromDisk III ISA Card (Allows computers to boot of rom instead of a disk drive)
PCL-730 EISA Digital I/O Card
USB I/O 24 digital input output module
I/O 24 digital input output module (EISA slot)
Computer ID Card (16bit input card) (EISA slot)
CMM-11E1 68HC11 evaluation board (compact board)
MiniDRAGON+ 68HC12 board
Lego Mindstorm NXT
Tazer 15T Forward/Reverse PWM Motor Controller
DI-194 4-Channel 10 bit Serial Port A/D Converter
PicStart Plus PIC Programmer (I also have some PIC microcontrollers and other PIC Resources available)
EISA Protoboard (a protoboard that plugs into a computer EISA SLOT)
Hitachi Super-H Microcontroller board
Toy Tank Treads (Great for a mobile robot base)
Industrial computer case (w/ Power supply and Passive EISA Backplane)
386 Single Board Computer (works with above case)
486 Single Board Computer (Works with above case)
Emachine Celeron 566 Computer
EISA Passive Backplane
10T Ethernet Cards (EISA)
10T Hubs
Router (Wired)
10/100 Switch
AT PC Power Supplies
CueCat Barcode Reader PS2 Interface
Parallel Port Breakout Board
Basic Stamp II Basic Microcontroller
Basic Stamp IIsx Basic Microcontroller
GAL 22V10 programmable Logic
DC Motors
Stepper Motors
Modems (Various types)
Panasonic Monitor B/W 5"
Infrared Sensor B/W Camera (12v DC) (Works with monitor above)
Old Joystick (two sticks, 4 POT analog)
2 x HP 200LX Palmtop Computer
Automation Direct Field Point Modules (link has all the modules I own listed)
TRS-80 Model 100 (1st "laptop" computer w/ detachable disk drive)
TTL <-> RS-232 level converters
CME-11E9-EVBU 68HC11 evaluation board
HP 4350 PDA with Wi-Fi
Panasonic Bar Code reader TTL Level RS-232 interface
Feedback Systems CNC932 Manual 1 Manual 2 Manual 3 Other

Currently in Use (but can be used for senior projects):
ArmDroid 1000 Robot Does NOT include control box but accepts TTL control inputs
DSP Starter Kit with software
Arduino Mega
Arduino Ethernet shield with micro SD connector
Relay Board (came with the USB IO Pluse but can be used with microcontrollers, TTL circuits, etc.)
2 x Raspberry Pi (with 16GB SD Card)

In use by Web Controlled Robot:
Dale Robot Base (MRB)
uChameleonUSB I/O Device (Binary I/O, A2D, D2A, PWM, SPI, UART Serial)
OLPC Laptop computer
L298 Compact Motor Driver (H-Bridge)

In use by RC Robot:
Arduino Mega
Lynxmotion Tri-Track Mobile Robot Base
Devantech Digital Compass
L298 Compact Motor Driver (H-Bridge)
SRF05 Sonar
Vex 6-channel R/C controller with receiver

In use by Instructor:
Rovio Mobile Webcam Robot
X-10 Home Automation Modules (including RS-232 Computer Interface)

On Loan to MidSouthMakers:
Router (Wi-Fi (802.11g) and Wired)

Currently on Loan to seniors:

Publicly Available Large Datasets (APIs available)
World Bank
IEEE Dataport
Google Public Data
Public Data Set List (Unverified - githup list)
National Report Card Data Explorer
Dark Sky API