TECH 1211
TECH 1211
Computer Programming
Spring 2022

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Learn C Programming (Online Version)
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Jan 19Welcome
Course Policies
Intro to Programming
 Class Notes 
Jan 24Flowcharting and Psuedo-code Class NotesLab#1 - Due by end of lab Online Submission as a word document.
Jan 261st Program Class NotesProgram Shell (template for programing assignments).
Jan 31Variables, User Input and Arithmetic Class NotesLab #2 - Due at start of next weeks lab.
Feb 2Programming (cont) Class NotesHW #1 - Download THIS FILE and add the required printf statements to produce the required output.

Due start of class 2/7 2/9 via online submission.
Feb 7Math Library and Constants Class NotesLab #3 - Due at start of next weeks lab (but you should be able to finish by end of lab today).
Feb 9Conditional Statements
(If...Else If....Else)
 Class Notes

Prog 7a
Prog 7b
Prog 7c
Prog 7d
HW #2 - answer the questions within the document file and submit via online submission.

Due Saturday 2/12 by 5pm so they can graded for class on monday.
Feb 14Style and Test Plans Class NotesLab #4 - Due at start of next weeks lab (but you should be able to finish by end of lab today).

Example Test Plan (do NOT use these values for your test plan, this is just a sample)
Feb 16Test #1 Review
Review Live - Room code 336325

[I have left the review quiz up as a study aid]
  NO HW this for test instead!
Feb 21No Class - Instructor Ill

Work on Lab 5
  Lab #5 - due start of next weeks lab.
Feb 23Test #1

All material covered up to and including Feb 7 and Lab 1-3.
  Test #1 - Link will be active during class time.

  •your last name (first letter is capitalized)
  •last 4 digits of your U number

Make sure to put your name, same ID, and your email address at the top of the test.

Make sure you download and SAVE the pdf to the programming part of the test (last question).

The first part of the test MUST be completed during class time.

Part 2 of the test must be turned in by 5pm (but you should be able to finish it during the class time).
Feb 28Switch...Case

 Switch..Case Notes
 • Grade Example
 • Date Example
Do...While Notes
 • Countdown Example
 • Number of Digits Example
 • Input Validation Example
Lab #6 Due March 7 (Spring break) by 12:40pm (usual start of Lab)
Mar 2While Loops While Loops
 • Simple While Example
 • While Example
 • Squares Table
 • Running Sum
Mar 7-9Spring Break   
Mar 14No Class (Instructor out)

Work on Lab #7
  Lab #7 - Due in one week (3 parts).
Mar 16While Loops (cont)    
Mar 21Nested Loops Nested Loops
 • Nested Loop Example 1
 • Nested Loop Example 2
Lab #8 - Due in one week.
Mar 23Clearning Variables

For Loop 
 For Loops
 • For Loop Example 1
 • For Loop Example 2
HW #3 - Using the code from lab #7 as a start, replace the while loops with FOR Loops (you can still use a do...while loop for the input validation for loop 3).

You only need to submit the code (in fact the ALGORITHM did not change, just how we implimented it in the code).

Don't forget what we discussed in class concerning the variable used for the sum in the 3rd loop (and fix your program if you were one of those who did sum=sum-1).

Due Start of Next Class.
Mar 28Test #2 Review
Review Live - Room code 336325

Discussion of Lab #9
  Lab #9
Mar 30Test #2

All material covered up to and including if..else if..else and switch/case. (loops will be on the next test)
Apr 4Functions Class Notes
Example Code
Lab #10 - Due (?)

Polar / Rectagular (Cartesian) Coordinates (Math is fun)
Apr 6Q&A   
Apr 11Arrays Lecture Notes

Lab #11 - Adding Vectors using arrays.

Both Lab 10 and 11 are due by Fri Apr 22 by 3pm - NO Exceptions. Late assignments will not be accepted!
Apr 13Test #3

All material covered up to and including Loops (do..while, while and for loops)
Apr 18Lab #11 (discussion and continue work)   
Apr 20 Review for Exam   
Apr 25Exam

Written exam during class time followed by a practical exam during lab time
Apr 27No Class   

Reference Links

C Quick Reference
NASA C Style Guide
C Programming Language (2nd ed)

Dev C++ Notes

NOTE: due to UofM Security policies, you CANNOT compile/run programs stored on a USB Thumbdrive.

Do you hate the auto complete feature for "", {},(), etc? You CAN shut it off by going into Dev C++. On the menu, select TOOLS | Editor Options | Symbol Completion Tab | Uncheck Enable Symbol Completion (or on Specific Completion Options).

Does the white background hurt your eyes? You can change the theme to a dark background. If it is the first time DEV C++ is run, you can select Color: Twilight at the "Select your theme" window (2nd window). If DEV C++ has been previously run, you can go into TOOLS | Editor Options | Colors Tab | Select Theme (pulldown bottom left) and Select Twilight.