TECH 1010
TECH 1010
Computer Applications in Technology
Spring 2021

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Due to the uncertainty of Covid-19, it is possible we will be using different course delivery modes depending on current conditions. The calendar (below) will be updated for "Delivery Mode". Since this can change based on university covid conditions, faculty exposure / need to quarantine and other factors, it is best to check this website each day before class. If it is NOT posted for the day, assume the delivery method is the same as the previous class.

If we meet IN PERSON, students are expected to follow the current Covid-19 Policy (Linked Here) including, but not limited to: wearing masks, sanitizing your work area and maintaining social distancing.

If the class is a HYBRID, make sure you know what day(s) you attend class and what days you are online or doing assignments. If you are considered High Risk and do not wish to come on campus, see THIS WEBSITE on how to apply for a course modification.

If we are ONLINE, classes will be held synchronously at the scheduled time. Please make sure you are familiar with My Zoom Policies.

Also note:

Click on image above to join meeting
If asked, the Passcode is 701683

As per the course catalog, you are required to have a computer (see this page). It will be impossible for you to be successfull in either Hybrid or On Line classes without one! You will also need a good internet connection for ZOOM conferencing software (please avoid using cell phones or tablets for zoom).

You will also need Word, Excel and PowerPoint for the class. These programs are available for download from your University of Memphis Email Account (downloading and installing these programs will be discussed in class). If your machine is incapable of running these programs, you can use umApps to run these programs (but it is much more desirable for you to be able to run them on your machine).

Course Outline:

DateDelivery ModeTopicReadingHandoutsAssignments
Jan 19On LineWelcome
Course Policies
Access to Microsoft Office
See THIS DOCUMENT for instructions for downloading and installing Office. Please install MS Office on your computer or you have tested umApps so you are ready for Unit 2 of this class.
Jan 21On LineWin10 Tips and Tricks Class Notes
Class Notes
Jan 26On LineInternet and Security Class Notes
Class Notes
Jan 28On LineUofM Internet Resources Class Notes (PPTX with active links)
Class Notes (PDF)
HW #1 - download and fill in document with your answers. Submit via On-Line Submission tool. Due start of next class.
Feb 2On LineFile Management

One Drive
Dir Command

Tree Command

Set Default Apps

Customize File Explorer

Onedrive QuickStart Guide
OneDrive Video Training
OneDrive Help Center
Class Notes

Class Notes
Feb 4On LineAdvanced Internet Search

Assignment #2
Google Search Operators
More Search Operators
Assignment #2 - due by end of day Friday Feb 5 (5pm) via electronic submission.

Corrected Link for File to download
Feb 9On LineIntro to Word
  • T.E.F. (Format order)
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Font Size
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Paragraph Alignment
  • Margins
  • Header
  • Superscripts
  Word #1 In Class Assignment. Due via paper AND electronic submission by start of next class (Feb 11).
Feb 11On LineWord
  • T.E.F.
  • Format Order
  • Justify
  • Headings
  • Footers
  • Pictures and Captions
  • Title Page
  •   Word #2 - In class assignment. Click HERE for files needed to create document. Follow verbal instructions to generate document. If we do not complete it this class, save your work and we will be continuing work on this file next week (after the test).
    Feb 16On LineTEST
    Unit 1 - Intro to Computers and the internet
      TEST #1 - Log into zoom, turn on your camera (and leave it on during the test), instructor will post link to chat. Part #1 (matching/multiple choice) and Part #2 (Skills). Both parts due by end of class time (no exceptions).
    Feb 18On LineWord #3  Word #3 - Follow PDF instrstructions to recreate the document. Submit .docx version via online submission. Due by end of class for full credit. Assignment will NOT be accepted after Friday at 3pm
    Feb 23On LineWord (Equ Editor) Numbering EquationsWord #4 - In class assignment on formating and writing equations. Due at end of class via electronic submission.
    Feb 25On LineWord (Equ Editor)  Word #5 - Due at end of class via electronic submission.
    Mar 2On LineWord

    References and bibliographies

    Odds and Ends
  • Numbered Lists
  • Bullet Lists
  • Tables
  • Screen Shots
  • Paste Text
  • Drop Caps
  • Multiple Collumns
  • Water Marks
  •   Word #6 - In class assignment. (Needed info)

    Word #6 Instructions
    Mar 4On LinePractice Test  Word #7 - (Practice Test) - follow instructions in PDF file and generate the document as shown. Submit both paper and electronic copies by end of class (this is TIMED, late submissions will be penalized).
    Mar 9------Wellness Break (No Class)   
    Mar 11On LineTEST
    Unit 2 - Word
      Word Test - Generate the document as shown in the pdf. Submit an electronic copy via the online assignment submission tool by end of class.

    There will be a penalty for submissions after class period ends.

    Please note this link is only active during class....if you click on it before class time you might have to refresh the page.

    Login for system: Your last name (with first letter of last name in caps) and the last 4 digits of your U number.
    Mar 16On LineIntro to ExcelHistory of Spreadsheets Excel #1 - Follow along with instructor's verbal instructions.
    Mar 18On LineExcel (Cont)   Excel #2 - In class
    Mar 23On LineExcel (Cont)Order of Operations

    One way to do xy in Excel is is x^y.
     Excel #3 - Due by end of class via electronic submission.
    Mar 25On LineExcel (Converting Formulas to Excel)  Excel #4 - Due end of class via electronic submissions.
    Mar 30On LineExcel (cont)  Excel #5 and Excel #6.

    Download Excel #5 and complete the spreadsheet as shown. Set this sheet to print in Portrait mode and fit to 1 page wide by 1 tall. Add a 2nd sheet to the spreadsheet and then create Excel #6 on that page along with graph. Set this sheet to print in Landscape mode fit to 1 page wide by 1 tall. Submit via electronic submission.

    Due by start of next class.
    Apr 1On LinePractice Test  Practice Test - Generate the Excel Notebook (with Three Sheets) as described in the downloaded document.

    There will be a penalty for submissions after class period ends.

    Please note this link is only active during class....if you click on it before class time you might have to refresh the page.

    Login for system: Your last name (with first letter of last name in caps) and the last 4 digits of your U number.

    To rename a sheet, right click on the sheet tab (ie Sheet1 Sheet2 etc), Select Rename and type in the new sheet name.

    Instructor will be available on zoom for questions.
    Apr 6On LineTEST
    Unit 3 - Excel
      Excel Test - The 85 min timer starts when you log in. Use your last name (first letter capitalized) and the last 4 digits of your U number.

    Prof Kohn will be available on ZOOM during the class time to answer questions about the test. All questions should be submitted via a PRIVATE CHAT (not verbally and no screen sharing). If verbal or screen share is requred, you be invited into a breakout room for that purpose.

    Please note the link will not be active until class time.
    Apr 8------Wellness Break (No Class)   
    Apr 13On LineIntro to PowerPoint
    • Transitions
    • Animations
    • Smart Art
    • Intro to Templates
    8 Rules for PowerpointsVideoPPT #1 - In Class Assignment (Gear)
    Apr 15On Line Create and save PowerPoint Templates

    UofM Brand Standards
     PPT #2 - we will used the UofM poorly done "PowerPoint Template" create a true Power Point Template.
    Apr 20     
    Apr 22On LineDiscuss Final Project   
    Apr 27On LineTEST
    Unit 4 - PPT
    May 4    Final Project Due @ 10:30am (NO Exceptions)

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