TECH 3812
Digital Electronic Communications
Spring 2020

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Dr. Lenwood Fields
Office ET230
Phone: 678-4963
Office Hours Posted on office door.

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Updated Course Policies (as per class discussion 4/29/20)
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Suggested Text

Electronic Communications: A Systems Approach - Jeffrey S. Beasley, Jonathan D. Hymer and Gary M. Miller
Data Communications and Networking 4th ed - Behrouz A. Forouzan

Online Class

Because of the Covid-19 Virus, TECH3812 will resume on March 24, via Zoom web based video conferencing at the normal class time (M-W-F 10:20am - 11:15am) by clicking on icon (below)).

We are still working on how labs will be conducted.

Classes will be recorded for future reference (although currently I am not sure how they will be made available for viewing).

If you have never used ZOOM before, you might want to check out this Video Tutorial and the log in instructions. It is best if you have a mic. A Camera is not required, but I do like seeing who I am talking to. If you do not have a mic, you can ask questions via the Chat function as well. If using a mic, make sure you know how to mute/unmute (to ask questions) and ensure you know how to share your screen so I can see the issues you are having when asking a question on assignments.

Videos of Lectures

I will be posting the lectures to OneDrive (CLICK HERE ) for you to view after class.

Course Outline:

Jan 22Welcome

Intro to Communication
Wireless FundamentalsLecture Notes (#1) 
Jan 24Electromagnetic Waves and Spectrum Lecture Notes (#2) 
Jan 27dBm and Power

Signal Analysis (start)
 Lecture Notes (#3)
Lecture Notes (#4)
Jan 29Signal Analysis (cont)

Noise, Signal to Noise Ration, Information and Bandwith
 Lecture Notes (#4)

Lecture Notes (#5)
Lab 1 - Transmission Line Caracteristics.
Jan 31Noise, Signal to Noise Ration, Information and Bandwith (cont)  HW #1

HW #1 Solutions
Feb 3Noise, Signal to Noise Ration, Information and Bandwith (cont)

  •includes 3d image (Fig 4) Discussed in class
Dipole Animation
Yagi Antenna
Lecture Notes (#6) 
Feb 5Antennas (cont)  No Lab Today
Feb 7Free Space Path Loss Lecture Notes (#7)Quiz #1
Feb 10Free Space Path Loss (Cont)   
Feb 12Free Space Path Loss (cont)

Amplitude Modulation
 Lecture Notes (#8)Lab 2 - Square Wave Spectral Content.
Feb 14AM (Cont)  Quiz #2
Feb 17AM (Cont) Lecture Notes (#9) 
Feb 19AM (Cont)  No Lab Today
Feb 21AM Demodulation Lecture Notes (#10)HW #2

HW #2 Solutions
Feb 24AM Demodulation (cont)

FM Modulation
 AM and Peak Detector

Lecture Notes (#11)
Feb 26Frequency and Phase Modulation Lecture Notes (#12)Lab #3 - AM Modulation.
Feb 28FM / PM (Cont)FREQUENCY MODULATION (Youtube)   
Mar 2FM (cont)   
Mar 4Test #1
Up to, but not including Lecture 11
  No Lab Today
Mar 6Finish Lecture #12

Hand Back Test
Mar 9-13Spring Break (No Class)   
Mar 16-20Extended Spring Break (No Class)   
Mar 23FM (Cont) Lecture Notes (#13) 
Mar 25FM Demodulation Lecture Notes (#14)HW #3

Lab #4 (There will NOT be lab today)
Mar 27Intro to Digital Communications Lecture Notes (#15) 
Mar 30Digital Comm (Cont) Lecture Notes (#16) (updated 4/1) 
Apr 1Digital Comm (Cont)  Quiz #3
Lab #4 Pulse Modulation. See Zoom Recording for Explanation. (due before next lab period via email to both Prof Kohn and Prof Fields)
Apr 3Digital Modulation Lecture Notes (#17) 
↑ Prof Fields ↑     ↓ Prof Kohn ↓
Apr 6Intro to Digital Communications Lecture Notes (#18) 
Apr 8UART and RS-232 Lecture Notes (#19)No Lab Today
Apr 10SPIBack to Basics: SPILecture Notes (#20)

Datasheet (Used in Example)
Apr 13I2C Lecture Notes (#21)

Datasheet (Used in Example)

I2C Spec
Apr 15Intro to Networking Lecture Notes (#22)Lab #5

Data for Analysis
Apr 17Networking Lecture Notes (#23)
Note: These notes were created AFTER the lecture was given.
Apr 20Test #2
Up to, but not including Lecture 20

Networking (Cont)
 Lecture Notes (#24)Test #2 - Due Apr 27 at start of class.
Apr 22Networking (Cont)TCP vs UDP
Fig 2.2 in particular
More on TCP vs UDF
See video

I will try to create a suitable powerpoint shortly.
Lab #6

Data for Analysis

Datasheet ADXL345
Apr 24Networking (More In Depth) Lecture #26 
Apr 27Discuss Lab #7
Discuss Grading
Apr 29Wireshark Lab  Lab #7 Use Wireshark to look at various packets for DHCP, DNS, HTTP exchanges. Will be online during lab period to assist (keeping in mind you cannot do the DHCP part of the lab while on Zoom).

Due in one week. Please submit as a .docx file (please NO pdf's).
May 1    
May 4Test #3
SPI, I2C, Networking
  Test #3 - The test is open notes, open book, open references.

Suggest printing it out, working the problems then coming back to the page, fill in the answers on line and submitting.

Please make sure you put in your name, last 4 digits of your U number and your email address in the boxes at the top.

The test will be submitted via email when you click on grade and submit.

Due May 6 by 5pm.

Reference Links:

Binary vs SI Prefixes
What is a decibel (dB)?

Internet Utilities Discussed:

Advanced IP Scanner
FING IP Scanner (for cell phones)
NMPA IP Scanner (command line but VERY powerful)