TECH 1010
TECH 1010
Computer Applications in Technology
Spring 2020

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Because of the Covid-19 Virus, TECH1010 will resume on March 23, via Zoom web based video conferencing at the normal class time (M-W-F 9:10am to 10:05am by clicking on icon (below)).

Since the class format has been lecture/follow along, then do on your own. The "Course Outline" section will include * by the date when you are required to be online via Zoom. On days when you are practicing skills, the instructor will be available via ZOOM to answer questions, but you will NOT be required to be online unless you have a question. On days when you are practicing skills, assignments will be due via online submission by END OF CLASS (with a reasonable grace period that will depend on the difficulty of the assignment).

Classes will be recorded for future reference (although currently I am not sure how they will be made available for viewing).

Feedback on assignments will be available via the web at (with first letter in caps). (Name and password same as gradewatch). Please check this site often for returned work. Please report any access issues to the instructor via email.

Grades, as always, will be available via Gradewatch.

If you have never used ZOOM before, you might want to check out this Video Tutorial and the log in instructions. It is best if you have a mic. A Camera is not required, but I do like seeing who I am talking to. If you do not have a mic, you can ask questions via the Chat function as well. If using a mic, make sure you know how to mute/unmute (to ask questions) and ensure you know how to share your screen so I can see the issues you are having when asking a question on assignments.

Videos of Lectures

I will be posting the lectures to OneDrive (CLICK HERE) for you to view after class.


Please note that all assignments are due by the end of class (with a reasonable grace period that will depend on the difficulty of the assignment).

I do understand, in this crazy time, that some of you might have other obligations that prevent you from being on ZOOM during lectures and/or turning in assignments by end of class time. If that is your situlation, please email me the reasons why and I will work with you. If you do not email me, all assignments will be considered late. I will ask that all assignments be turned in the same day (so that you keep up with the class).

Course Outline:

Jan 22Welcome
Course Policies
Intro to Computers
 Class Notes 
Jan 24Win10 Tips and Tricks
class moved due to projector issues
 Class Notes 
Jan 27Internet Class Notes
Class Notes
Jan 29UofM Network Class Notes (PPTX with active links)
Class Notes (PDF)

Updated 2-6-20 - inserted new slide 7 (umApps and using Kumo and Adobe)
Jan 31Assignment #1  Assignment #1 - due by end of day Friday Jan 31 (3pm) via electronic submission AND paper submissions.
Feb 3File ManagementSet Default AppsClass Notes 
Feb 5More File Management

One Drive

Advanced Internet Search
Customize File Explorer

One Drive

Google Search Operators
More Search Operators
Class Notes 
Feb 7Assignment #2  Assignment #2 - due by end of day Friday Feb 7 (3pm) via electronic AND paper submissions.
Feb 10Intro to Word
  • T.E.F. (Format order)
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Font Size
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Paragraph Alignment
  • Margins
  • Header
  • Superscripts
  Word #1 In Class Assignment. Due via paper AND electronic submission by start of next class (Feb 12).
Feb 12Word
  • T.E.F.
  • Format Order
  • Justify
  • Headings
  • Footers
  • Pictures and Captions
  • Title Page
  •   Word #2 - In class assignment. Click HERE for files needed to create document. Follow verbal instructions to generate document. Make sure you save your work, we will be continuing work on this file next week (after the test).
    Feb 14TEST
    Unit 1 - Intro to Computers and the internet
    Feb 17Complete Word #2 in class  Word #2 - due start of next class both in electronic and paper form.

    PDF'ed instructions now availalble.
    Feb 19Word #3  Word #3 - Follow PDF instrstructions to recreate the document. Submit both a printed and electronic version. Due Friday by 3pm.
    Feb 21RE-TEST
    Unit 1 - Intro to Computers and the internet
      Students not repeating test can work on Word #3 (due end of day in both electronic and paper form)
    Feb 24Word (Equ Editor) Numbering EquationsWord #4 - In class assignment on formating and writing equations. Due at end of class via electronic submission.
    Feb 26Word (Equ Editor)  Word #5 - Due at end of class via paper and electronic submission.
    Feb 28Word

    References and bibliographies

    Odds and Ends
  • Numbered Lists
  • Bullet Lists
  • Tables
  • Screen Shots
  • Paste Text
  • Drop Caps
  • Multiple Collumns
  • Water Marks
  •   Word #6 - In class assignment. (Needed info)

    Word #6 Instructions - A Few notes...these instructions are from last year so please change "Word #5" to "Word #6". Also note...copy 1st three paragraphs (not 4). Also add a TABLE caption ABOVE the table.
    Mar 2Practice Test  Word #7 - (Practice Test) - follow instructions in PDF file and generate the document as shown. Submit both paper and electronic copies by end of class (this is TIMED, late submissions will be penalized).
    Mar 4Return Practice Test

    Mar 6TEST
    Unit 2 - Word
       Word Test - Generate the document as shown in the pdf. Submit both paper and electronic copies by end of class. There will be a penalty for submissions after class period ends.
    Mar 9-13Spring Break (No Class)   
    Mar 16-20Extended Spring Break (No Class)   
    Mar 23*Watch Video →

    Join Zoom Conference at 9:25 for Intro to Excel
    History of Spreadsheets Excel #1 - In Class (Simple budget).
    Mar 25*Exel (Cont)  Excel #2 - In class (TBD)
    Mar 27Work On Excel #3  Excel #3 - Work on your own. Instructor will be available for help via ZOOM during class time.
    Mar 30*Excel (Converting Formulas to Excel)  Excel #4 - Due end of class via electronic submissions.
    Apr 1Excel (cont)  Excel #5 - Due by end of class via electronic submission.

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