TECH 1010
TECH 1010
Computer Applications in Technology
Spring 2019

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Course Outline:

Jan 15Welcome
Course Policies
Intro to Computers
 Class Notes 
Jan 17Win10 Tips and Tricks

Internet (Start)
 Class Notes

Class Notes
Jan 22 Internet (Cont)   Class Notes

 •iPrint Instructions
 •LiveSafe Info
    •Android Instructions
    •iOS Instructions
    •Using umApps
    •UmDrive Need to Know
 •Office 365 / OneDrive
 •On the Hub (discounted or free software)
Jan 24Assignment #1  Assignment #1 - due by end of day Friday Jan 25 (3pm) via electronic AND paper submissions.
Jan 29File ManagementDir Command

Tree Command

Set Default Apps
Class Notes 
Jan 31More File Management

Advanced Internet Search
 Customize File Explorer

Google Search Operators
More Search Operators
Google Advance Search Form
Assignment #2 - due by end of day Friday Feb 1 (3pm) via electronic AND paper submissions.

If needed, here is the blank.txt file. Right Click on link and select "save link as" or "download" (depends on browser), then follow directions in handout.
Feb 5Intro to Word
  • T.E.F. (Format order)
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Font Size
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Paragraph Alignment
  • Margins
  • Header
  • Superscripts
  Word #1 In Class Assignment. Due via paper AND electronic submission by start of next class (Feb 7).
Feb 7Word
  • T.E.F.
  • Format Order
  • Justify
  • Headings
  • Footers
  • Pictures and Captions
  • Title Page
  •   Word #2 - In class assignment. Click HERE for files needed to create document. (.pdf contains instructions)
    Feb 12TEST
    Unit 1 - Intro to Computers and the internet
    Feb 14Word (cont)  Finish Word #2 from other day in class. Submit via online submission and paper copies.

    Word #3 - Click HERE for files needed to create document. Replicate the document as per instructions in the .pdf file. Due start of next class in electronic (via submission system) and printed form.
    Feb 19Word (Equ Editor) Numbering EquationsWord #4 - In class assignment on formating and writing equations.
     NOTE: Due to continually tardy students, the classroom door will be closed at the start of class. COME ON TIME or do not come at all! You will still be reponsible for all material and assignments and you will only be allowed to ask instructor questions IF you have a valid excuse. 
    Feb 21Word

    References and bibliographies

    Odds and Ends
  • Numbered Lists
  • Bullet Lists
  • Tables
  • Screen Shots
  • Paste Text
  • Drop Caps
  • Multiple Collumns
  • Water Marks
  •   Word #5 - In class assignment. (Needed info)

    Equation Editor HW - Due by Friday at 5PM by electronic submission).
    Feb 26Practice Test  Word #7 - (Practice Test) - follow instructions in PDF file and generate the document as shown. Submit both paper and electronic copies by end of class.
    Feb 28TEST
    Unit 2 - Word
      Word Test - Generate the document as shown in the pdf. Submit both paper and electronic copy by end of class. There will be a penalty for submissions after class period ends.

    Word Retest (see instructions for Word Test).
    Mar 5Spring Break (No Class)   
    Mar 7Spring Break (No Class)   
    Mar 12No Class   
    Mar 14Intro to ExcelHistory of Spreadsheets Excel #1 - In Class (Simple budget).
    Mar 19Excel (cont)  Excel #2 - In Class (Straight Line and Graph).
    Mar 21Excel (cont)  Excel #3 - Due end of class via paper and electronic submissions.
    Mar 26Excel (cont)  Excel #4 - Due end of class via electronic submissions.
    Mar 28Excel (cont)  Excel #5 - Due by end of class via electronic submission.
    Apr 2Excel (cont)  due to instructor running late, Excel 6 will be done next class

    Excel #7 - Assignment due by end of day. Submit electronic and paper copies.
    Apr 4Excel (cont)  Excel #6 - In class assignment using FedEx stock data.

    Part B will require the use of this file. Submit electronically.
    Apr 9Excel (cont)  Excel Practice Test
    Apr 11Intro to PowerPoint
    • Transitions
    • Animations
    • Smart Art
    • Intro to Templates
     VideoPPT #1 - In Class Assignment (Gear)
    Apr 16TEST
    Unit 3 - Excel
      Excel Test - Follow instructions on sheet(s).
    Apr 18PPT  PPT #2 + #3 - using ideas from the UofM poorly done "PowerPoint Template" create a true set of Power Point Templates as per instructions. Due by 5pm on Friday Apr 19.

    Note: .potx is a "Powerpoint Template" file.
    Apr 23End of Semester Project  End of Semester Project - using the files found HERE, reproduce the full document and Excel Spreadsheet.

    Due end of scheduled exam time (both printed and electronic copies (docx and xlsx files).
    Apr 30
    Unit 4 - PPT
      PPT Test - Following the instructions provided and the files found HERE, create the power point master slides and presentation as described. Submit printout and pptx file as per instructions.

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