TECH 4945
TECH 4945
Senior Project
Spring 2017

Instructor: Daniel Kohn (
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Documents: Engineering Notebook FAQ
Technical Report Guidelines
Presentation Rubric
Poster Template
Poster Presentation Rubric
Report Rubric
Project Evaluation Form
Jan 20Course Policies
Guidelines for Assignments
Course Schedule
Jan 27 New objectives/evaluation due (for those students who's report objectives from TECH 4943 scored below a 7/10)

Progress Report #1 Due
Jan 30Drop Date (with out course appearing on transcript) 
Feb 3Class not meetingProgress Report #2 Due
Feb 10Review: Mech Sys Design, Product Realization, Operation & LeanProgress Report #3 Due
Feb 17 Progress Report #4 Due
Feb 24Review: Auto & Cntr, uProc, Sys/Network Admin and Software DesignProgress Report #5 Due
Mar 3 Progress Report #6 Due

Field of Study Senior Test (In Class)
Mar 10Spring Break - No Class  

Mar 17Drop Date (with "W")Progress Report #7 Due

Posters Due

General Education Proficiency Profile

Bring rough draft to class - feedback session.
Mar 24 Poster Presentations
Mar 31Presentations (Schedule)Presentation PPTs Due

Presentation Day #1
Apr 7NCUR Conference - No Class  
Apr 14Presentations (Schedule)Presentation Day #2

Final Report Due
Apr 21Presentations (Schedule)Presentation Day #3

Project Demo Due
Reference Links: Prof Hewitt's Extruder Project (an example of a project report)
  Prof Hewitt's Project Journal (Example of what a journal should include!)
  Scope Creep Video