TECH 4943/4945
TECH 4943/4945
Senior Project
Spring 2017

Instructor: Daniel Kohn (
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Jan 17 (T)  
Jan 19 (R)  
Jan 24 (T)  
Jan 26 (R)  
Jan 31 (T)  
Feb 2 (R)  
Feb 7 (T)  
Feb 9 (R)  
Feb 10 (Fri)Review: Mech Sys Design, Product Realization, Operation & Lean 
Feb 14 (T)  
Feb 16 (R)  
Feb 21 (T) Presentations
Feb 23 (R) Report Due
Feb 24 (Fri)Review: Auto & Cntr, uProc, Sys/Network Admin and Software Design 
Feb 28 (T)  
Mar 2 (R)  
Mar 3 (Fri)-------------------------------------------------------------- End of TECH 4943 --------------------------------------------------------------
Mar 6-10Spring Break - No Class 

Mar 14 (T)  
Mar 16 (R)  
Mar 21 (T)  
Mar 23 (R)  
Mar 28 (T)  
Mar 30 (R)  
Apr 4 (T)  
Apr 6 (R)NCUR Conference 
Apr 10 (Mon) Posters Due for printing
Apr 11 (T)  
Apr 13 (R) Poster Presentations
Apr 18 (T) Presentations
Apr 20 (R) Report Due
Apr 25 (T) Project Demo Due
Apr 26 (Fri)-------------------------------------------------------------- End of TECH 4945 --------------------------------------------------------------
Field of study tests MUST be taken (and passed with a 60% or better) before the end of the 2nd half semester.
This must be arranged via email with the instructor.
If you can, please take the tests with TECH4945-001. Tentative Date is Friday Mar 3.

Reference Links: Prof Hewitt's Extruder Project (an example of a project report)
  Prof Hewitt's Project Journal (Example of what a journal should include!)
  Scope Creep Video