TECH 1010
TECH 1010
Computer Applications in Technology
Spring 2017

Instructor: Daniel Kohn (
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Course Outline:
Jan 17Welcome
Course Policies
Jan 19Intro to Computers Class Notes 
Jan 24Internet Class Notes 
Jan 26Internet (Cont)
Advanced Search
 Class Notes
Google Search Operators
More Search Operators
Google Advance Search Form
Jan 31File Management Class Notes 
Feb 2In Class Assignment  Assignment #1 - due by end of class (electronic AND paper submissions).
Feb 7Win7 Tips and Tricks Class Notes 
Feb 9In Class Assignment  Assignment #2 - Due by end of class (electronic AND paper submissions).
Feb 14Intro to Word
  • Italic
  • Bold
  • Font Size
  • Paragraph Spacing
  • Paragraph Alignment
  • Margins
  • Header
  • Superscripts
  •   Word #1 In Class Assignment. Due via electronic submission by start of next class (Sep 14).
    Feb 16TEST
    Unit 1 - Intro to Computers
    Feb 21Word
  • T.E.F.
  • Format Order
  • Justify
  • Headings
  • Footers
  • Pictures and Captions
  • Title Page
  •   Word #2 - In class assignment. Click HERE for files needed to create document.

    Instructions can be found HERE.
    Feb 23Word (cont)  Word #3 - Click HERE for files needed to create document. Replicate the document as per instructions in the .pdf file. Due Tues Feb 28 by start of class.
    Feb 28Word (Equ Editor)  Word #4 - Equation editor in class assignment.

    Here are the instructions for Formating / Numbering Equations
    Mar 2Word (Equ Editor Cont)  Word #5 - Due by end of day (5pm)
    Mar 7Spring Break   
    Mar 9Spring Break   
    Mar 14Word
  • Numbered Lists
  • Bullet Lists
  • Paste Text
  • Drop Caps
  • Multiple Collumns
  • Water Marks
  •   Word #6 - In class assignment.
    Mar 16Word - Final Project  Word #8 Instead of using Bold/Underline for section headings, use Heading 1 for Introduction, Discussion of Principles, Procedure, Results, Discussion or Analysis and Conclusion. For all other Bold/Underlined headings, replace with Heading 2.

    Add TOC, TOF, Bibliography to the document. Make sure page numbers are NOT on TOC and TOF Pages.

    Due by start of class on Mar 21 via online submission and handed in paper copy.
    Mar 21Intro to ExcelTED Video  
    Mar 23TEST
    Unit 2 - Word
      Word Test - Read and follow instructions in pdf. Submit BOTH Paper and Electronic copies by end of class time. Required files can be found HERE.
    Mar 28Excel  Excel #1 - In class (budget).
    Mar 30Excel  Excel #2 - In class (straight line).
    Apr 3Excel  Excel #3 - Times table and Graph Function

    Excel #4 - Converting formulas to excel.

    Pol / Rect Calculator

    Both assignments due by start of next class
    Apr 6Excel  Excel #5 - Due by start of next class

    Excel #6 - In Class assignment (Analysis Toolpack - due by end of class)
    Apr 10Excel   Excel #7 - Practice Test
    Apr 13TEST
    Unit 3 - Excel
      Excel Test - Follow instructions in pdf file. Due via online submission AND paper copy.
    Apr 18Power Point
    - Intro
    - Animations
    - Transitions
    - Smart Art
      PPT #1 in class
    Apr 20Power Point
    - Master Slides
      PPT #2+3 - Master Slides and Presentation
    Apr 25Visio
     Flowcharting BasicsVisio #1 - In Class
    May 2
    (10:30am - 12:30pm)
    Unit 4 - PPT
    Unit 5 - Visio
      Exam - in 3 parts:
    • Visio - Flowchart
    • Power Point Master Slide (NO .potx required)
    • Power Point Presentation
    Print out and Submit Visio and Powerpoint files (via electronic submission).

    Due by end of exam time (12:30pm)
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