TECH 3232
TECH 3232
Digital Technology
Fall 2022

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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 • Numbering Equations in Word
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No textbook is required for this class. Materials used in the class are taken from Floyd, Digital Fundamentals (any edition). Other online references are listed below:
All About Circuits Volume IV - Digital
Digital Logic Design


SimcirJS (set and get)


EasyEDA Online Schematic Cad. Video for using instructor's parts library is HERE
Eagle Cad

Course Outline

Aug 22Welcome
Course Policies
Intro to Digital
 Chp 1 PPT 
Aug 24
Number Systems
Number Systems (Bin, Hex, Oct)Chp 2 PPTAssignment 1 - Number Conversions (due Aug 29 by start of class. Submit via same link for instant feedback AND submit hand written work at start of class for credit!
Aug 29Basic Gates Chp 3 PPT
Aug 31Logic Circuits
Combining Gates
Deriving Truth Table
Deriving Boolean Equation
 Typed notes

Lab 1 - Basic Logic Gates. Make sure you demo each circuit to the instructor for sign off. Due end of lab.

HW #2 - Due next class (Sep 7) at start of class (paper copy).
Sep 5Labor Day (no class)   
Sep 7Boolean Algebra Notes (Prev Year, but same material)Lab #2 - Due end of lab.
Sep 12TEST #1

all material covered up to the start of boolean algebra (Lecture Sep 7), Lab #1 and Lab #2 (exclude question on boolean algebra minimization)

  HW #3 Due start of class Sep 14.
Sep 14Hand Back Test #1

Go Over HW #2

Boolean (Cont)

De Moregan's Theorem
Chp 7 (All About Circuits)Notes (Prev Year, but same material)

Demorgan's Simulations
Lab #3 - Due end of lab.

HW #4 Due start of class Sep 19.
Sep 19Go Over HW #4

Drawing Schematics with EasyEDA
  HW #5 - Due start of next class.

Sep 21SOP and Demorgan

Universal Gates
 SOP/POS Handout
SOP/POS Simulation

Universal Gates
Lab #4 - Due in one week. Schematics will be drawn using EasyEDA.

Logic Probe Reading

I have create an EasyEDA parts library. To access it watch THIS VIDEO on how to gain access and use the library.

HW #6 Due start of next class.
Sep 26Go over HW #6

Discuss Test (next monday) 
Sep 28Adders, Binary Addition, 2's Comp2's CompLecture NotesLab #5 - Due in one week.
Oct 3TEST #2

Boolean, Universal Gates.

There will also be questions starting from SOP/POS equations derived from T.T. and equations derived from circuits


Reference Links

Common IC's
Boolean Algebra Rules
TTL Data Book (ON-Semi 2.5 MB)
TTL Pocket Databook (TI 4.9 MB)

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