TECH 3821
TECH 3821
Industrial Electronics
Fall 2020

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation (for 2nd half of course) (Tony R. Kuphaldt) / CC BY 4.0

Online Class

Because of the Covid-19 Virus, TECH3232 will start via Zoom web based video conferencing at the normal class time by clicking on icon (below).

I will also be available during our lab time to assist via Zoom as well.

Classes will be recorded for future reference.

If you have never used ZOOM before, you might want to check out this Video Tutorial and the log in instructions. It is best if you have a mic. A Camera is not required, but I do like seeing who I am talking to. If you do not have a mic, you can ask questions via the Chat function as well. If using a mic, make sure you know how to mute/unmute (to ask questions) and ensure you know how to share your screen so I can see the issues you are having when asking a question on assignments.

Passcode 428124

Video of Lectures

I will be posting the lectures to OneDrive (CLICK HERE) for you to veiw anytime.

Course Outline

Aug 18Welcome
Course Policies
Intro to Industrial Control
Governor Video
F-22 Control Oscillations
Class Notes 
Aug 20 Switches, Relays, Motor Starters, Limit Switches, Prox Switches and Relay Drivers

(no lab today)

Poles and Throws, Open and Closed

Switches 101

Honeywell Basic, Toggle, and Rocker Switches

Limit Switch 101

Banner (Prox and Photo)
Class Notes (Switches and Relays)

Class Notes (Prox Switch)

Aug 25Prox Switch Applications,Transistors, Relay Drivers, Back EMF, Opto-Isolators, FETs, H-Bridge, PWM, IGBT's Transistor as a Switch

MOSFET as a Switch

H-Bridge intro

H-bridge in depth

H-Bridge Schematic

Pulse Width Modulation

Discrete IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)


IGBT or MOSFET: Choose Wisely

Class Notes (Prox Switch Applications)

Class Notes
Class Notes

Aug 27No Class (Instructors Internet Down)   
Sep 1Op Amps, ADC Op Amps Reference

Instrumentation Amps

PID Control Circuit

Class Notes
Class Notes
Sep 3A2D / D2A (Cont) Class Notes

Successive Aprox Spreadsheet
Lab #1 - Due start of next weeks lab via online submission as docx file.
Sep 8A2D Calculations and Scaling WhiteboardHW #1 - Due Sep ?? at start of class (see instructions for details).
Sep 10Diodes, SRC's, Diacs and Triacs

Temperature Measurement
Diode Review
Rectifier Review
SCR's, Diacs and Triacs

Chp 21
Class Notes 
Sep 15Pressure MeasurementChp 19Class Notes 
Sep 17Level MeasurmentChp 20Class NotesLab #2 - due start of next weeks lab (Sep 24).
Sep 22Test #1 (Take Home)
(up to and including SCR's Diacs and Triacs and Labs 1 and 2.)

  Test #1 - To access the test, click on link and use your last name (first letter of your last name will be caps) and that last 4 digits of your U number.

We will NOT have class, but I will be available during that time if you have questions about the test.

The test is due by start of class on Thursday Sep 24 via online submission (as a docx or pdf file).
Sep 24Flow MeasurementChp 22Class NotesLab #3 - using the data provided, follow the instructions in the lab handout. Due in one week.
Sep 29

Analytical Measurments
Speed Measurement
Possition Measurement

Chp 23
Chp 24
Chp 25

Class Notes
Class Notes
Oct 1ActuatorsChp 25Class Notes 
Oct 6Pneumatics and Hydraulics Class Notes

Pneumatics Ref
Oct 8Industrial Control Class Notes

ISA Control Loops
Oct 13Test #2 - Transducers, Calibration, Labs.

Instructor Available via zoom during class time to answer questions (but no official class)

  Test #2 - Due end of class.

Part A Online, multiple choice. Click on "Grade & Submit" to see grade and submit to instructor via email (You might want to do a screenshot of the test score just incase the email does not go through).

Part B Open and follow instructions in Excel File. Submit via online submission under Test2b.
Oct 15No Class / Lab Tonight   

Requested Links

PLC Fiddle (online PLC Ladder Logic)