TECH 4945
TECH 4945
Senior Project
Fall 2019

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Aug 30 
Sep 6
12:40 to 1:35
ET 233
Job Search Seminar by Dr Meeks (attendance is mandatory unless excused by instructor)
Sep 13 
Sep 20Resume Due

In class project updates
Sep 27
Class Time but could run long
FOS Test Review for Automation & Controls, Microprocessors, System/Network Administration and Software Design
Oct 4
Class Time but could run long
FOS Test Review for Mechanical System Design, Product Realization, Operation Strategy & Lean Principles
Oct 11FOS Test [Friday before Fall Break]
Oct 18 
Oct 25[E-Day]
Nov 1Posters Due (for printing)
Nov 8Poster Presentations
Nov 15Report Due
Nov 22Formal Presentations

Demonstrations Due
- Please make an appointment with your advisor (via email) and with Prof Kohn (via THIS LINK).
Nov 29[Thanksgiving]

Equipment Access:

Equipment in ET 236 (Senior Project Lab)

There are 3D printers, a Laser Cutter and a PCB Etcher in ET 236 for use by students for Senior Projects on a first come, first serve basis. To gain access you have to go through training. Put in a Shop Support work order for Matt (our Tech) to do the training HERE. You can check out the 3D printers (actually the entire benchtop/station) for 24 hours so that you have enough time for your build. If your build fails, you will be notified, and it is expected that you will get in to address the problem within a couple of hours or your build will be removed, and the next person will be allowed to start their work. Please note, if you abuse the lab (i.e. printing out items that should be purchase - e.g. a simple plastic box or flat plate with a bunch of holes) your access to the lab will be revoked.

Please be aware that these rules may change as unanticipated issues occur.

If you need access and can't afford to wait, don't forget that the library has some machines as well. Check out the
Technology Sandbox for more info.

Prof Hewitt's Labs

For seniors needing access to the manufacturing equipment in Prof Hewitt's Labs, make arrangements with him as soon as possible. You will have to plan your build time around Prof Hewitt's classes.

!!! NOTE !!!! - Incomplete projects due to lack of scheduling adequate time, or not scheduling lab time/access far enough in advance IS GROUNDS FOR A FAILING GRADE FOR THE COURSE!

Reference Links:

TECH 4943 - Spring 2019

Prof Hewitt's Pitfall Presentations Prof Hewitt's Examples