TECH 3821
TECH 3821
Industrial Electronics
Fall 2018

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Daniel Kohn
Office ET218
Phone: 678-4515
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Lessons In Industrial Instrumentation (for 2nd half of course) (Tony R. Kuphaldt) / CC BY 3.0

Course Outline

Aug 28Welcome
Course Policies
Aug 30Intro to Industrial ControlGovernor Video
F-22 Control Oscillations
Class Notes 
Sep 4 Switches, Relays, Motor Starters, Limit Switches and Relay Drivers

Transistors, Relay Drivers, Back EMF
Poles and Throws, Open and Closed

Switches 101

Honeywell Basic, Toggle, and Rocker Switches

Limit Switch 101

Transistor as a Switch
Class Notes

Class Notes
Sep 6 Opto-Isolators, FETs, H-Bridge, PWM, IGBT's, Op Amps Opto-isolators

MOSFET as a Switch

H-Bridge intro

H-bridge in depth

H-Bridge Schematic

Pulse Width Modulation

Discrete IGBTs (Insulated Gate Bipolar Transistors)


IGBT or MOSFET: Choose Wisely

Op Amps

Op Amps Reference

Instrumentation Amps

PID Control Circuit

Class Notes

Class Notes
Lab #1 - Due end of lab. (Can be done with A lab partner, submit one sheet with both names.)
Sep 11A2D / D2A Class Notes

Successive Aprox Spreadsheet
Sep 13A2D Calculations and Scaling  Lab #2 - due start of next weeks lab (Sep 20).
Sep 18A2D Calculations and Scaling (Cont)

Diodes, SRC's, Diacs and Triacs

Sec 7 to Sec 7.1.4 is the A/D Math we discussed in class. The reset of Chp 7 is specific to the 68HC11 microcontroller's A/D. Chp 8 is about connecting to the A/D and is interesting reading.

Diode Review
Rectifier Review
SCR's, Diacs and Triacs
 HW #1 - Due Sep 25 at start of class (see instructions for details).
Sep 20CalibrationChp 18 (Lessons in Ind Instr) Lab #3 - due Sep 25 start of class (turn in one handout and one excel spreadsheet for you and your partner).
Sep 25Temperature MeasurementChp 21Class Notes 
Sep 27Take home Test #1 - up to and including SCR's Diacs and Triacs and Labs 1,2 and 3.  Test #1 - Due Thurs Oct 4 at start of class.
Oct 2Calibration Lab  Calibration Lab
Oct 4Pressure Measurement

Level Measurment
Chp 19

Chp 20
Class Notes

Class Notes
Oct 9Flow Measurement

Analytical Measurments
Chp 23

Chp 25

Chp 26
Class Notes

Class Notes
Oct 11No Class - Instructor out of Town (Work on Lab)   
Oct 16No Class - Fall Break   
Oct 18Speed Measurement
Possition Measurement
Chp 23
Chp 24
Chp 25
Class Notes
Class Notes
Finish Calibration Lab (Due end of lab)
Oct 23Pneumatics and Hydraulics Class Notes

Pneumatics Ref
Oct 25Lab #7  Lab #7 - Due in start of Lab Nov ?.

Using a Honeywell 24PCDFB6G pressure sensor and pneumatic setup supplied by the instructor, do the following
  1. Use a relay driver to turn on and off the compressor
  2. Create a LabVIEW VI to run the compressor while the pressure switch (Nason SM-2b-115R/443) is at it's NC possition. Also display the signal from the Honeywell 24PCDFB6G
  3. Presurize the system and get the data needed to generate a calibration curve for the (0-30 psi)
  4. Using an Op-Amp circuit, convert the current signal from the honeywell pressure sensor so that the circuit outputs a 0-5v signal for 0-30 psi
  5. Modify the VI to maintain a set pressure at the pressure sensor (using a "Control" to set this pressure).

Demonstrate to the instructor. Submit final VI, circuit diagram and excel spreadsheet with calibration / gain calculation(s) via online submission.
Oct 30Industrial Control Class Notes

ISA Control Loops
Nov 1Finish Lab #7   
Nov 6PID Control  Class Notes 
Nov 8Hydraulics Lab  Lab #8 - Hydraulics Lab. Meet in ET 112. Lab Handout (Document is a condensed version of labs from

Trainer Manual
Nov 13Intro to PID Class NotesLab #8 - Hydraulics Lab. Meet in ET 112. See for lab handout.

Trainer Manual
Nov 15PID Control (cont)

Take home Test #2 - Transducers and Actuators.
 PID Math Demystified
PID Control - a brief introduction
PID for Dummies
Test #2 - Take home Test. Bubble sheet due Thu Nov 29 at start of class.

Lab #9a - (part 1 of 3).

Lab 9 (all three parts) due Dec 6.
Nov 20Work on Take Home Test   
Nov 22Thanksgiving Break   
Nov 27Work on Lab #9b + c  Lab #9b
Nov 29Work on Lab #9b + c PID TuningLab #9c
Dec 4Work on Lab #9b + c   
Exam WeekExam  Schedule appointment With Prof Kohn for Individual Demo / Q&A Here.

Failure to Demo and Participate in a Q&A will result in an 'F' for BOTH the Final Project and Exam.